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Help Me
Eridan watched from the corner of his room as Sollux fumbled with the computer chords littering the floor and desktop - a smirk slowly crawling up the sides of his cheeks as the blank screen of his computer flickered on again. "Gee, thanks, Sol," Eridan gushed, stalking over to where the bi-themed boy sat hunched over the computer screen.
Sollux rolled his eyes - one scarred and unseeing, the other dull and restless - and elicited a snort. "You're thuch a dumbathth, ED." He muttered, spinning around in the chair to face the hipster in front of him. "Like, theriouthly. You jutht had to rethtart your computer."
Eridan coughed, rubbing the back of his neck. "Wwell I'm afraid I'm no computer expert like yourself." He retaliated, pursing his lips. "Plus I havve more important things to do than learn about fixin' glitches all day."
"Pff," Sollux rolled his eyes again, pushing himself up from the chair and wincing a bit as he stumbled. Eridan's eyebrows perked up.
"You okay, Sol?" Eridan pres
:iconj4bb3rwocky:J4BB3RWOCKY 53 5
Karkat blinked his bleary eyes open slowly, dark eyebrows crinkling as the blurred world surrounding him came into a dim focus. He shook his head slightly, as if to mentally wake himself up, and his ears twitched. The troll nuzzled into the warmth of the human next to him, and shivered before tugging their shared comforter up over his exposed chest.
"Nngh, Karkat...?" John mumbled groggily, shifting ever so slightly so he could look down at the troll cuddled up next to him. Karkat chirped quietly as his golden eyes projected a liquid-like shimmer against the darkness.
"What are you doing up? It's nearly three in the morning..." John murmured, rubbing one of his eyes and reaching for his glasses on the nearby side-table. As soon as the raven-haired human could see his partner clearly, he snuggled him up close to his chest. Karkat happily nuzzled into John's neck in agreement, eliciting another chirp.
"Did you have another nightmare?" John pressed, tracing along the rough ridges of scars
:iconj4bb3rwocky:J4BB3RWOCKY 41 13
Vantas Cuddles by MajesticIllusion Vantas Cuddles :iconmajesticillusion:MajesticIllusion 19 3
Snuggle Bug Homestuck (Psiioniic x Reader)
You had come to the this damn party because the strider brothers decided to throw it. You rolled your eyes, Dave has told everyone that he had a totally ironic idea and wanted to play a game of snuggle bug . The party had an even number of participants so every one was given a piece of paper with a Song on it, two songs were always the same, though on one was written snuggle bug and the other not Snuggle bug. The objective of the game was to find your Snuggle bug partner and snuggle them. Most people despised the idea so that's probably why Dave called it Ironic. The winner would be the last person to be found. The worst part was it was in the dark, and you heard most trolls had night vision.
Once everyone had gathered Dave pulled out a beanie with papers in it, He held it out reluctantly you reached in grabbing a paper only to pull out...
(Intro End)
You looked at the paper that read,  “Clarity followed by Snuggle bug.” You couldn't help but wonder who you mig
:iconambervantas69:AmberVantas69 438 55
Dave x Demon!reader: Finding Him
You gazed into the sky, counting airplanes and just about anything, your tail flicked lazily as your legs dangled off the side of the skyscraper you were currently on. Your horns went up from right above your ears and then curved forwards like a bulls, fading from black at the base to a light blue. Your tail was similar in color and ended in a wicked point, both edges sharp, glinting in the setting sun. Your hair was parted heavily to the right, the left side of your head shaved and pitch black, your (e/c) eyes flashing in the sun as your large wings unfurled, also fading from black to blue. Most demons got to choose what color it faded to, but you had never been able to, being stuck with blue. You wore tight black leather pants with combat boots and a ribbed tank top, an upside down cross hanging from a chain around your neck, along with a ring on the same chain. You don't really remember who the ring was from, just a flash of red and almost silver, the feeling of smooth lips moving a
:iconpurplesauris:purplesauris 97 16
Brothers by RatherSketchy Brothers :iconrathersketchy:RatherSketchy 4 16
Kankri x Mpreg!Mituna- I'll Still Love You
“Mituna, are y9u alright? I tried messaging y9u on Tr9llian 6ut y9u didn’t answer…” Kankri called as he walked into Mituna’s hive. The door was slightly open, so he didn’t bother knocking. He hoped that Mituna was home, otherwise he may have a problem.
“Anyways, Mituna, I h9pe y9u d9n’t mind me c9ming 9ver unann9unced. 6ut there is a few tr9lls wh9 have g9tten w9rried n9t hearing fr9m y9u.” Kankri heard something upstairs, and followed the noise into Mituna’s respiteblock. Kankri had only been here a few times, the last time being a few perigee’s ago.
He opened the door to see Mituna having a fit in the corner of the room. He ran over to Mituna and placed a hand on his shoulder gently.
“K4NK...50M3TH1GN 84D H4PP3N3D…” Mituna cried. Kankri looked at him confused. What happened that caused him so much grief?
“Please c9nfide in me, Mituna. I’m here t9 help.” Kankri told him softly. Mituna
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 63 21
DIGITAL ART!!! by RatherSketchy DIGITAL ART!!! :iconrathersketchy:RatherSketchy 3 46 Kyoshi's Room by RatherSketchy Kyoshi's Room :iconrathersketchy:RatherSketchy 3 16 Pyrignis by RatherSketchy Pyrignis :iconrathersketchy:RatherSketchy 5 10
Please Don't Touch The Horns - Kankri
"How's it going, _____?"
"Fine. Please don't sneak up on me like that, Kankri," you say, shuffling over slightly so he can sit next to you.
He's in the year above you but that doesn't stop you from having a crush. His younger brother Karkat is in your class and you speak to him a lot so you'd say you know the Vantas family pretty well.
"I'm sorry if my action was at all triggering. It was completely-"
"No, no, no, it's fine. It just took me by surprise and I didn't know who it was," you say quickly, cutting him off.
"...Still, I apologise." He peers over at what you're typing. "What are you typing?"
"Oh, just some homework while I was waiting," you say nonchalantly.
"Waiting for whom, may I ask? Would it be me?"
You take a deep breath. "Yeah, you. Listen, did you get my card?"
"The birthday one? Yes, yes I did. It was very thoughtful of you." You wait. "I was intrigued by the message at the end though."
You thought he'd never ask, but you play it down. "I don't...remember...a specific
:iconviciouslycute42:viciouslycute42 127 31
Kankri x Reader: Unusually Forgetful (Request)
Rating: [PG]
    As usual, you went to Kankri's hive after you finished doing your errands and tasks. You had the key to the house so you could've easily unlocked the door by yourself and walked in. But instead you knocked, because one; you didn't want to be lectured by Kankri ever and two; you were sort of a timid person and you thought it would be rather rude to enter a house without permission. You'd never forget to knock. However, Porrim had insisted you had take a spare key since you were a close moirail to both her and Kankri.
    Porrim opened the door and stepped aside for you to enter; the ordinary.
    "I don't even know why I bothered giving you a key..."
    You stepped inside and weaved your fingers together, feeling guilty for making her have to open the door for you all the time. It was also kind of embarrassing, to tell you the truth.

    "I-I'm sorry Porrim..."

    She lea
:iconstrawberryisen:StrawberryIsen 201 61
Damn You (A Vantascest Short)
A/N: This was a request from my friend Rebecka, and (surprise) is spawning a new series! Send in your prompts/requests! :) You can do this by Ask on my Tumblr ( aka “so, this exists”) or by commenting on the story on Quotev. You can also comment on any of the Vantascest prompts published to my DeviantArt! (such as this one)
Warning: Swearing, Mpreg, and that's about it! Enjoy!
An uncomfortable pang rang through Karkat's stomach.
“Kankri, damn you, and damn your eggs,” he muttered beneath his breath while glaring at his dancestor from the couch. Kankri, who had been making breakfast in the kitchen, turned around to face Karkat. The smell of fluffy pancakes wafted through the air, making Karkat's stomach rumble. Kankri shut off the stove.
“Did you say something, Karkat?” the boy's dancestor asked.
Karkat growled in reply, “I said damn you! An
:iconwarriortiltheend:WarriorTilTheEnd 11 10
Vantascest: Mistletoe Make-outs
T.W.: #Christmas, #mistletoes, #shipping, #shitty jokes, #swearing, #EuqNep, #Vantascest, #sloppy-make outs, #me
((Writing Christmas themed fics in April? Hell, fucking, yes.))
Oh GOD no. It’s a Christmas party so the shipping team (Nepeta and Ja’e) are going fucking ballistic. There’s a mistletoe in every room, yeah, even the bathrooms (it was Ja’e’s idea) and sometimes a second one if the room’s large enough.
So anyway there were already some unfortunate souls who got stuck under the fucking things. First was Rose and Kanaya, nothing interesting there. Then Eridan and Sollux ended up making a fucking bloody mess out of it.
Right now after the mistletoes were hung a silver-blooded troll would make one of her personal ships cannon. You see, she brought an extra one to make it work out. The ship you ask? Well it’s EuqNep silly! Hanging the mistletoe above the two she chucked a chick at Nepeta. Nep looked at her with a “what-the-fuck-bitch&
:iconchromaticadmin:ChromaticAdmin 4 4
Shippingstuck! Act 1, Vantascest act 2
Karkat struggled to pay attention to the yammering red-sweatered troll in front of him. Kankri was lecturing, once again, and this time Karkat was trying to be courteous and listen. It just wouldn’t work, though.
“-those in the higher-blood castes may feel that they are able to make remarks on lower-blooded caste member’s rank in the system, however-”
Karkat gritted his teeth and tried to comprehend the words coming from the troll’s - admittedly soft-looking - mouth, yet nothing seemed to break through.
“-and many among us are very sensitive to that sort of thing, you may feel the need to-”
Karkat’s eyes darted around as he started to make up his mind on something.
“-a great amount of us have said-”
Karkat closed his eyes, and made up his mind.
“-that- MMPH!” Kankri’s white eyes shot wide open as Karkat leaned forward and pressed his mouth to his ancestor’s. Karkat was right. The elder troll’s mou
:iconthyme11:Thyme11 28 10


Okay so I have not posted a journal here before, so I decided 'Why the fuck not, let's rant bc I have no life and nothing better to do except sit here and drink Pepsi.' Then I realized that ranting in my first journal would be a terrible idea because I would come off as sorta bitchy like 'Oh this girl has nothing else to do but rant at us fuck her lol.' So instead I decided to talk about drawing and fanfiction and stuff, which is way better!

For those of you reading 'All in Good Fun,' I'm not sure when that will update, I'm sorry! I never really think about plot when I first jump into stories so I end up doing the writer's equivalent of cockblocking myself. However, i will update ASAP!

As for my artwork, I just sort of post it when I post it, and I'm glad that several people like it! It's great and it makes me feel fuzzy when I see '(insert deviantart name here) has favorited (insert name of deviation here)'! Honestly i have so much art it's depressing how much of it never sees the light of day, so the things that do get posted I'm glad people enjoy!

Jumping into another thing about my drawings, I appreciate the feedback I've gotten! I feel like I'm not that good and I can't draw hands to save my ass--I don't even know if I could draw hands to save the ass of the person I love more than anything, which is a scary thought, death by being unable to draw hands--so the positive feedback is wonderful for me! ^w^

Anyways, I think I'll cut this off here, thank you for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy my works.


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I'm a huge Homestuck fan, I'm a goofball, I'm generally friendly, but I make Karkat look like a polite and sophisticated young man when I get angry.

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